Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boston: Grey's Fabric

Happy Sunday, friends. I hope you all had amazing weekends. Ours ended up being amazingly productive and fun, so I have lots to share with you this week.

On Saturday we headed into the city for supplies and lunch, making a stop in the SoWa district. For those of you non-Bostonians, SoWa is the neighborhood south of Washington Street in the South End. It used to be industrial, but is now turning into a thriving artists' neighborhood. Harrison Avenue is home to countless studios, galleries and supply shops for artisans. Grey's Fabric & Notions is one of my favorites.

Their logo is the cutest silver fox named Bobbin
Sarah, the lovely owner. Her red glasses are so cute!
adorable sewing kits
teaching space in the back

The shop is so cute and inspiring I couldn't help leaving with a couple of goodies for myself. Definitely a must-see stop in Boston.



  1. This reminds me I really need to thread my sewing machine and give 'er a whirl. This looks like such a cute shop! I can't really even sew and being places like this make me want to buy everything.

  2. Honestly, I can't really sew either. My mother in law gave me the sewing machine and now I'm trying to learn, but I'm absolutely a beginner :o) But when I go to these shops, I get grand ideas about sewing myself an entire closet!