Monday, May 14, 2012

Fiber Studio: Baby Steps

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Since neither of our mothers live near us, we spent Mother's Day at Ikea. When you have a studio to furnish on a tight budget, where else could you go? Plus, I have a deep and shameful love for that place.


I even love their admittedly strange looking crusted fish

We definitely went home with more boxes than expected, and thankfully Western Avenue Studios has a handy loading dock to make such endeavors easier.


The beginnings of a couch


I had all sorts of delusional ambitions of having the studio mostly set up by the end of Sunday. In truth, we exhausted all our energy at Ikea. We ended up only hanging the curtains and assembling the couch, but I feel like I am making progress! There may be boxes everywhere, but now I at least have seating for visitors!

So what do you guys think - should I paint over those gray bricks on the back wall with white, or leave them as they are?


  1. Replies
    1. I think you're right!! But so much work.... LOL :)

  2. oh leave them.... they add so much nice texture!!!! Love the space by the way....congrats!

    1. Terra!! It's been so long, good to "see" you! How have you been? :)

    2. Hi!!!!! Actually really busy, new project......growing a baby!!! I have been so lazy with blogging and just enjoying being pregnant. But I check on whats going on with you all the time, love your new adventure and cant wait to see your space come together.

    3. Yay, I'm so happy to hear from you! How exciting, congratulations on the baby!! Definitely worth slowing down and enjoying that journey :) When are you due?? So glad you're around! :)

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