Monday, June 11, 2012

Knit in Public


This weekend I ventured out into downtown Salem for Knit in Public Day and was happy to see that rainbow flags had been put up in honor of this weekend's Gay Pride parade.


It was a gorgeous sunny day! A much welcomed break from the non-stop gray skies and rain of the last two weeks. I camped out at my favorite yarn store, Seed Stitch Fine Yarn, for several hours of knitting. I managed to catch several knitters in action!




Did you do any knitting in public this weekend?

Me and The Bloggess

Remember when I said I'd go to The Bloggess' book signing? I went and it was amazing. She read a hilarious passage from her book and spoke very frankly during the Q&A. I got my copy of her book signed, and we got a photo taken together. I wonder if you can tell how nervous I am in this photo! I have never seen so many people inside a bookstore in my life.

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