Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer of Unfinished Projects


Every once in a while, it feels like you step into a time vortex, and then you get spit out the other side, several days later, with no clue of where all that time went. This is how the last two weeks have felt to me. The blog break was completely unintentional, but sometimes there just aren't enough hours and days in a week to cross off every item on a to-do list.


When life gets this busy, I find myself day-dreaming of all the crafty projects I would rather be doing. For instance, the skirt above - I made that months ago at a sewing class, but didn't have enough time to hem it. I still haven't hemmed it, and now it's starting to haunt me. I have "craft shame." I should probably get that done so I can enjoy the skirt before the warm weather disappears again. Now that I've mentioned it on here, I hope you guys keep me accountable.


Back in June, I visited Grey's Fabrics and bought this lovely Schoolhouse Tunic pattern. Back then, the month of July looked like it would be quiet, with plenty of time for leisurely sewing. I even bought two fabrics so I could make two tunics. No, I haven't started either of them... but maybe I'll manage to get them done before the end of the year. Which one do you think I should make first?

How about you, do you have any crafty ambitions you've failed to meet this summer? :)

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  1. I have so much unfinished--and so much on my to do list--that it's overwhelming! I am learning to plug away at things, but also to forgive myself for not getting things done, too.

    As for the tunic, I say use the bottom fabric first, as that is great for summer and fall, and then the foxes, which you can certainly wear through the winter!