Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So I went to Squam...

Squam Art Workshops
Last week I was hiding away in the woods of New Hampshire at the most wonderful creative retreat. I signed up for my first Squam Art Workshop ever and spent 5 magical days living in a wood cabin, dipping my feet in Squam Lake and meeting the most amazing people. I feel like it's too soon to really get into the trip, like that somehow will make it more part of the past (I am so sad it is over!) so for now I am sharing a collection of some of my Instagram shots - a little sneak peek into my experience. As I force myself to accept the reality of coming back to "real life," I will share more, including the wonderful classes I took with completely amazing teachers.

Squam 2

So have you ever gone to an art retreat? Did you love it?

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