Monday, January 21, 2013

Pattern Review: Be.Leaf Shawl


Alright, now that I've snuck in one last Rio photo, I can talk about vacation knitting. I had grand delusions of finishing several projects, but I only finished one: a shawl for my grandmother. I did make some progress on the Folded Sweater I've been knitting for months but then I cheated on it by starting a new cardigan I'll share soon.

Shawl for Grandma Detail

My grandma loves pink, so I dyed this dark pink for her in my new single ply sock yarn. I had a hard time picking a pattern - I knew I wanted a stockinette body with a decorative edge so I could get it done in the short time frame, but I didn't want it to be overly plain. Be.Leaf by Kitman Figueroa was the perfect choice.

Shawl for Grandma

This is a great pattern. The simple stockinette is a lovely backdrop for the leafy border. The lace pattern is easy to follow, and I memorized it quickly, which made it a great knit to pick up and put down while waiting at airports, getting on and off airplane connections, etc. I slightly modified the ruffled edging: I made it garter stitch instead of stockinette to give it more structure, and did less rows.

I only have one, easily remedied, complaint about this pattern. I wish the two halves of the shawl were mirrored, instead of identical. This can be easily fixed by mirroring the charts, which I will do if I knit this shawl again.

What gifts did you make this holiday season?

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