Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Collecting Makers

I am tantalizingly close to finishing my cardigan. Both sleeves are done, and most of the body. I totally would have finished it during the snow storm if something else hadn't been eating away at my brain - a maddening desire to clean. I've been feeling a little Thoreau-esque these days, with "Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!" echo-ing in my head. Don't get me wrong, I am not about to run off all into-the-wild style, but I am finding myself craving simplicity and order. I am feeling cluttered, and I've resolved to only surround myself with things I truly enjoy.

Baby Yeti by Zooguu / Mobile by Salty and Sweet

The other day, I read some advice on re-organizing and purging. I can't remember where, but the author said something that now seems so obvious: when trying to decide if you should keep an object, ask yourself if you would buy it right now if you didn't own it. If the answer is no, don't keep it. Maybe it's a bit of an extreme approach, but I am finding it very liberating and effective to look at things this way. I know when I am done, I will be able to look at my home and know that everything in it really belongs there. I've been running around our house furiously bagging and boxing and purging, and leaving only the things I truly love.

Letterpress Art Print by Letter & Lark / Prints by Paper Taxi

This process has really solidified my love of handmade. As I pick what to keep and what to purge, I realize how much I appreciate the handmade objects in my home - for their creativity, their beauty, their craftsmanship, and their humanity. I am delighted to look around my home and see the work of so many makers. These photos are a little peek at some of my wonderful handmade goodies.

I've also realized how many projects still need to get done in this house, which is both daunting and exciting - I'll have lots of projects to share on here! What are you working on this spring?


  1. I've been doing a little of the same. Mostly at my studio though. It's kinda funny that I posted a similar thing on my blog this morning!

    1. I guess it's time for the spring cleaning but! I think this is the biggest purge I've ever done in my life, I just want everything gone!

  2. I've been doing some decluttering, but it has less to do with the desire to simplify and more the desire to not move things across the country. The sentiment still stands and finally came to fruition when I was looking at my bookshelves a few weeks ago.

    1. We really should have decluttered when we moved into the house a couple of years ago, but neither of us had the patience. Now I am doing it with a vengeance!

  3. Huzzah about the cardigan. I am glad it is coming together.
    About cleaning - moving every five years definitely helps with decluttering. :)
    Since our move in August I find myself being more careful about what comes into the house and more diligent about finding new homes for anything we are not either actively using or keeping because we truly love it. We have a small space, so everything we own is in plain sight which helps. I refuse to use the basement to store more than a couple of things. There is a constant battle for me between being a collector/hoarder and someone who loves simplicity of life.
    I really love natural objects (like rocks) and handmade things. Your bird mobile is lovely!

    1. I am almost done with the cardigan, and also making some progress on that evil, evil sweater! How was the PEM today?
      I used to move every 3-4 years with my family as a child, and I feel like it made my clutter WORSE! I would dump everything in boxes and then never unpack properly because I knew we were leaving again soon.
      I actually have a pretty big rock collection, like amethyst and quartz points - a perk of growing up in Brazil!
      The mobile was a gift from the husband, he did good :)