Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Finds #13


Wishing you a wonderful weekend! I get Monday off work, which is pretty exciting!

1. DIY Grommet Curtains! This will come in handy as I work on our house this year.

2. A lovely spring dress by Whitney Deal

3. DIY Soap Travel Tins. Honestly, I've never used soap in a tin. Is it convenient, or does the tin get in the way?

4. A beautiful loft with a clever use of attic space

5. Fig, balsamic and rosemary hand pies. I think hand pies are my new love.

Original image sources can be found by clicking through the links


  1. Did you see the petal ombre cake also on the Deuce Cities Hen House blog? It is completely amazing.

    1. I didn't, I just recently started following them, but I am definitely going to look that up! :)