Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Finds #14


I cannot believe we are bracing for another snowstorm this weekend! I am supposed to be hosting a sewing meetup tomorrow, so I am crossing my fingers and hoping the snow holds off until Saturday night. Stay safe and warm, and enjoy some pretties:

1. Beautiful colorful chairs my husband would probably despise. Would you add these to your home?

2. Love the style of this fox. I can't wait for my next tattoo.

3. Mesmerizing paper sculptures.

4. Lovely flower arrangement by the brand new Boston-based Wild Folk Studio.

5. I wish this was in my back yard. I am definitely building a cozy fort on my patio this summer.

Bonus: A beautifully moving video about a woman living with cancer and accepting one's body. Seriously, watch it.

Original image sources can be found by clicking through the links


  1. I probably wouldn't add the chairs to my home, but I prefer art on the walls and those chairs would most likely detract from the artwork.

    1. Good point! These chairs would only work as the focal point of a room against a neutral backdrop. If you have busy walls, the whole thing would be overwhelming.

  2. hey, thanks for sharing my blooms with your readers!