Monday, February 11, 2013

The Blizzard

This weekend, the Northeast was hit with a massive snow storm. Massachusetts declared a state of emergency, all public transportation closed down, and a driving ban was issued. We stocked up on food and projects, and holed ourselves up with the cats to watch the storm and wait.


By Saturday morning, we had almost 3 feet of snow around our house. The driving ban continued until Saturday afternoon and we were lucky not to lose power. On Sunday, the skies cleared and we finally left the house. It was truly amazing to see how much snow had blanketed our city.


Where you hit by the storm? How did you pass the time?


  1. I huddled under the covers in the living room wearing long johns indoors. We lost power (and thus heat) for about 24 hours and I read 4 books (YA) in 3 days.

    1. That's pretty rough, so thankful we didn't lose heat! Were the books any good at least?