Thursday, March 28, 2013

Colette is coming to town

My discovery of indie yarn dyers and knitting pattern designers was a slow one. I spent most of my life being an "isolated crafter" - I didn't know other makers so I made do on my own, with cheap materials, mainstream books, and not much information. When I did finally discover that indie companies existed, I immediately fell in love. I am only a beginning sewer, but I knew that if I loved the indie knitting movement, the indie sewing movement was the only direction I could go in. I skipped over the Joann discount bins of fabrics and patterns, and jumped right into designer fabrics and independent pattern designers. Where am I going with this?


Well, Colette Patterns is coming to town. Sarai, the founder and designer of Colette, will be hosting their Boston Spring Party at Grey's Fabric on April 6th. Not only do we get to meet this amazing designer, but Grey's Fabric is offering 15% off everything in store, and 20% off if you wear something made from a Collete pattern. My original plan was to make the Crepe dress, pictured above, but then I remembered I am a very slow sewer and I have that whole "get some sleep in April" plan. So I am making a Laurel blouse instead. It has no zippers, which makes me feel like I can pull this off in time. I ordered my pattern and fabric, and am anxiously waiting for them to arrive. Are you coming, and if so, what are you making?


Who are some of your favorite indie designers, both for knitting and sewing patterns? I love discovering new designers!

Images borrowed from Colette

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