Sunday, March 3, 2013

Friday Finds #15

So I know it's technically not Friday anymore, but Nate and I were hit with a brutal virus on Thursday and were out of commission for a few days. We're still recovering and slowly catching up on everything. Here are a few lovelies that have been cheering me up!


1. Delicious Dutch babies

2. The beautiful photography of Myoung Ho Lee

3. A beautifully patterned quilt

4. Easy rosemary crackers - can't wait to make these!

5. A lovely bedroom in soft pastel colors

Original image sources can be found by clicking through the links


  1. I am glad you are feeling better.
    The rosemary crackers look is my favorite herb.
    You are also reminding me to keep looking for a storage chest for the foot of the bed. I hope to find a cedar one for knitted things, but I like the idea of the padded top to add some sitting room.
    P.S. The socks are going well. The colors of the yarn have drawn multiple compliments when I knit in public.

    1. Sloowly getting there, but thankfully making progress! :)
      I have yet to try the rosemary crackers, but I'm also a big fan of rosemary. When I am feeling better and can tolerate food, I am making some!

      Glad to hear the socks are going well! Can't wait to see them in person!