Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Finds #16


This has been such a strange week, as I've been running around trying to play catch-up and not getting nearly enough sleep. Today I find myself thinking both, "I'm so glad it's finally Friday!" and "I have no idea how this week ended so quickly!"

1. Cats and a bunch of colors. How can I not want this?

2. Tomorrow is my hand-dyed yarn trunk show at Seed Stitch as part of the North Shore Yarn Crawl. I'll have over 150 skeins, including brand new yarn bases and new colorways!

3. Loving this sweater pattern for sock yarn! I think using a semi solid and a variegated colorway would be beautiful rather than just plain solids!

4.Love this playful print!

5. How sweet is this vintage strawberry pin?

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  1. I need that cat print in my life! :D

    1. Me too! Trying to figure out where I can put it that it won't drive Nate crazy... haha!