Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On Moving Forward

Last week was undeniably one of the most difficult weeks around here. I say around here because I recognize how much tragedy happens around the world regularly. So much hurt, so many tears, so much fear. I was repeatedly told, "don't be afraid, or they will win." There is actually little comfort in this statement - I WAS afraid. The relief on Friday night, after the suspect was captured, was palpable. I finally slept, a deep painful sleep, and woke up on Saturday full of aches, and with a headache that felt like a miserable hangover.


Moving forward. As a city, we are going to discover exactly what that means. Everywhere people are saying, "life goes on." And it does, even if it feels almost sacrilegious for it to do so. So I pulled myself off the couch, started up my dye pots again, and stepped out of the house with a little less fear. I went to Seed Stitch and picked up some Shibui for a new pattern. All I can think to do to comfort myself is make things, I truly find healing in the process.


My usual knitting group was there, everyone with pain in their eyes. All of them clearly wanting to pretend things were normal again. The "how are yous" were met with "well, you knows." How long before someone says "good" again?

Laurel Leaf Cowl

Yesterday, I stood on the roof at 2:50 to honor the city-wide moment of silence. A city united through pain and heartbreak, but perhaps also through a bit of hope. We will never forget, but we've pulled together and we will rebuild.

This week, Webs is donating 5% of sales this week to Boston relief efforts. I will follow their example and donate 10% of profits on all products through the end of the month.

If you want to donate directly to relief efforts, here are a few links:

One Fund Boston - general relief fund

Karen Rand - friend of deceased Krystle Campbell. One of the less publicized fundraisers.

Bucks for Bauman - victim Jeff Bauman, the man in the iconic wheelchair photo

Richard Family Fund - To support the injured family of deceased 8 year-old Martin

Celeste & Sydney Recovery fund - victims Celeste & Sydney, mother and daughter

Patrick and Jessica Downes - Patrick and Jessica, newlyweds

Jacqui, Paul and JP - Two brothers who lost a leg

Recovery for Liza - victim Liza Cherney

Recovery for Brittany - victim Brittany Loring

Ann and Eric Whalley - husband and wife

Remy Lawler - Remy was at the Marathon with Jeff Bauman

Adrienne Haslet - the dancer who lost her foot

The White Family - an injured family of 4

Monday, April 15, 2013

We are the lucky ones

Today was marathon Monday in Boston. These are the pictures I was planning on posting today, but not the words. I woke up to a beautiful sunny day, and wanted to share what I've been making, and the pleasure I've been finding in small, simple things. But today took the most horrible of turns in the early afternoon when explosives went off in downtown Boston. I found out as I was putting the finishing touches on a knit piece.


We are the lucky ones. My husband and I are safe, as are our friends. But our friends have friends who weren't safe, friends and family who are injured, whose lives are forever changed. All our lives are now changed, because a wound this deep affects all of us who live here. In the midst of this horror have been multiple reports of kindness and helpful strangers, of marathoners running to the hospitals to donate blood. I am relieved that kindness still exists, but the question I don't know how to answer is, how can we ever feel safe? Tomorrow we are supposed to go right back into your routines and schedules, as if something hadn't fundamentally changed, but it has. The truth is, I don't know how I will go about pretending tomorrow.


I feel like I've written about too much heartbreak and sadness on this blog already, so many sad things have happened. Hoping that you and your loved ones are safe.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Finds #18


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! If you're in Massachusetts, I hope you get Patriot's Day off on Monday, which I do. Yay!

1. I forgot to tell you that I am hosting a knit-along of Hannah Fetig's Breezy Cardigan. We've already started, but it's not too late to join in!

2. Purl Soho continues to make amazing projects, simple and yet so clever. Would you wear a knit t-shirt?

3. Pansy Maiden, cruelty-free handmade bags, is having an Indie Go-go campaign and offering amazing incentives.

4. Home-made buttermilk pizza crust. Yes.

5. Lucinda's adorable Laurel Dress

Original image sources can be found by clicking through the links

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cocktails with Colette


Another weekend come and gone in the whirlwind of "too much to get done." On Friday night, I was up until almost 3 am between packing yarn and working on my Laurel shirt for Cocktails with Colette. I somehow managed to get everything done, and met up with Karissa and Lucinda for a lovely Saturday night.


Here are the three of us with Sarai, the owner and designer of Colette, sporting her own Laurel dress. She was incredibly sweet and friendly, and I was delighted to discover she is also a knitter! The best part? When I went up to introduce myself, Sarai looked at my shirt and said, "That's so meta!" I was so happy that she totally got it!


I came home with a signed copy of The Colette Sewing Handbook, and enough fabric for another Laurel shirt, a polka-dotted Crepe dress, and a Negroni shirt for Nate. Perhaps a tad over-ambitious, but I've started reading the book and it is full of great tutorials with step-by-step pictures so I am feeling confident.

You may have also noticed another book in the photos - I just received my copy of Amy Herzog's brand new book, Knit to Flatter. She taught a class at my local yarn store recently but I had a scheduling conflict, so I am excited to at least have her book. I haven't looked through it yet, but I will report back!

The weekend came to a very quick end with very little progress on the "get some sleep" front, but it was well worth it. How did you spend your weekend?

Group photo borrowed from Coletterie. Click through for more photos of the event!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Meta Shirt

I am wrapping up a few major projects this week which has left me with very little time and very little sleep, so my "sleep in April plan" will start with little delay. I am excited to cross off these major items on my to-do list and reward myself with the Cocktails with Colette party on Saturday night. I'll be scrambling to make a Laurel Blouse before then, but if I manage to warp time and space, it will be done. I did manage to find the most perfect fabric.

Nate said, "How meta of you!" when he saw it. I am ridiculously excited to sew a garment with garment sewing pattern paraphernalia on it.

I have many finished projects to photograph and share with you - soon, hopefully!