Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cocktails with Colette


Another weekend come and gone in the whirlwind of "too much to get done." On Friday night, I was up until almost 3 am between packing yarn and working on my Laurel shirt for Cocktails with Colette. I somehow managed to get everything done, and met up with Karissa and Lucinda for a lovely Saturday night.


Here are the three of us with Sarai, the owner and designer of Colette, sporting her own Laurel dress. She was incredibly sweet and friendly, and I was delighted to discover she is also a knitter! The best part? When I went up to introduce myself, Sarai looked at my shirt and said, "That's so meta!" I was so happy that she totally got it!


I came home with a signed copy of The Colette Sewing Handbook, and enough fabric for another Laurel shirt, a polka-dotted Crepe dress, and a Negroni shirt for Nate. Perhaps a tad over-ambitious, but I've started reading the book and it is full of great tutorials with step-by-step pictures so I am feeling confident.

You may have also noticed another book in the photos - I just received my copy of Amy Herzog's brand new book, Knit to Flatter. She taught a class at my local yarn store recently but I had a scheduling conflict, so I am excited to at least have her book. I haven't looked through it yet, but I will report back!

The weekend came to a very quick end with very little progress on the "get some sleep" front, but it was well worth it. How did you spend your weekend?

Group photo borrowed from Coletterie. Click through for more photos of the event!

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  1. That shirt is great! I am glad you were able to finish it in time for the event.