Monday, July 8, 2013

Picnics and Thoughts

Ah Monday, always arriving too quickly. I hope you locals had a great 4th of July weekend. We spent ours at home, watching scary movies, eating good food, and generally resting. Not terribly exciting, but exactly what we needed. The weekend before, however, we ventured out with some friends for a picnic at Salem Willows. We've lived in Salem since 2009 but this was our first time there. Probably because I would rather stay home and hang out with yarn most of the time...


The wind wasn't terribly cooperative, so I had some failed attempts at kite flying which mostly involved a lot of running around in a circle and panting.


We also played a game of Koob. Nate found this at a toy store in Falmouth while I was doing a trunk show at Sage Yarn last year. Apparently it might be a game of Viking origin, which is pretty interesting, if it is in fact true.

My first impulse is to apologize for not having more action shots, but as I sat writing this post and getting way too introspective, I realized there is a struggle in being a person who processes memory visually. Some people have strong associations with music or smells, but for me it's images. This means I want to take my camera everywhere and document everything, but it can sometimes get in the way of actually being in the moment. I get caught up in documenting, and forget to participate. So I've been working on taking fewer pictures - enough that I satisfy my constant photographic cravings, but also trying to be more present. If you're also attached to your camera at the hip, do you struggle with this too?


And of course, there's always some yarn-making going on.


  1. I was having problems with taking too many photos and not being in the moment, so I switched to film for hanging-out-with-friends photos. It's made me more selective about when and what I take pictures of, and because I'm really slow about getting prints and not able to put things online in a timely manner, I really went back to taking photos of my friends for me instead of for the internet. I take fewer photos, but I take better ones.

    1. Andi, that's a great approach! I'm not sure I could commit to film (I love the convenience of digital), but I am determined to be a more "responsible" picture-taker.