Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Visiting the Finches


New year means new colors, and I've been working on some new colorways! Hyacinth and Charybdis are pictured above, and you can check out Nessie in my shop.


Being self-employed means it's very easy to turn into a hermit, and I've been making an effort to get out and be more involved in art - whether it be making art, or enjoying art. I am signed up for Gift of the Heart and just received my reed bundles in the mail. This will be my first try at basket weaving. I can't wait to see how this goes...


I also managed to sneak out to see the finch exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum. I really love living close to such a great place! Sadly we weren't allowed to take pictures, but the finches are super cute. It was interesting to see them accidentally creating sounds while landing on the guitars, but I honestly was expecting the "music" to be more frequent. The space is quite large so the finches land on the instruments infrequently. From my understanding, they started with 40 finches and are now up to 70. I think a few more would probably be better.

Have you seen the finches? What did you think?

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