Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Knitting, knitting


I am constantly juggling my "work knitting" with my personal knitting. I always have at least one of each on the needles, it keeps the creative juices flowing! In the middle of my Dark and Stormy cardigan, I took a break to design a new sock pattern. The sock pattern now is in the hands of several lovely test-knitters and is on track to be released by the Yarn Crawl. Now I can focus on my cardigan again!


I finished the sleeves first because I plan on adding a few inches to the body length and wanted to make sure I don't run out of yarn. I've only used 4 of my 8 so far, so I think I'll have at least one skein leftover. I'm also adding extra shaping to the waist, and adding width to the hips to accommodate my pear-shaped figure.


I can't wait to finish this! I am anxious to wear it, and I've got some more new design ideas brewing.

What are you making this month?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Gearing up

I clearly love stressing myself out and imposing ridiculous deadlines on myself, so in preparation for the North Shore Yarn Crawl in March, I am designing a sock pattern. This means I have another 4 days to finish writing the pattern (in 3 sizes) before handing it off to the testers. Why does my brain insist on being the most creative when I have the least amount of time for it?


This is where we are. Scribbled notes and a random assortment of "sock bits" (unattached toes and heels) all over the house. Now excuse me while I go into panic mode...

PS - Save the date! I'll be having my hand-dyed yarn trunk show at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn on Saturday, March 15th, along with a newly released sock pattern... probably.

That high-pitched shriek in the background? That's my brain. Just ignore it.