Monday, February 3, 2014

Gearing up

I clearly love stressing myself out and imposing ridiculous deadlines on myself, so in preparation for the North Shore Yarn Crawl in March, I am designing a sock pattern. This means I have another 4 days to finish writing the pattern (in 3 sizes) before handing it off to the testers. Why does my brain insist on being the most creative when I have the least amount of time for it?


This is where we are. Scribbled notes and a random assortment of "sock bits" (unattached toes and heels) all over the house. Now excuse me while I go into panic mode...

PS - Save the date! I'll be having my hand-dyed yarn trunk show at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn on Saturday, March 15th, along with a newly released sock pattern... probably.

That high-pitched shriek in the background? That's my brain. Just ignore it.


  1. You can do it. Seriously, that is very exciting.

  2. Ides of March, excellent! I've marked my calendar. My resolution for 2014 was no yarn buying unless I'm on a crawl. Please bring a massive supply of delicious yarns so I can indulge. And as always, I am always on call to test one of your patterns if you have need of me and my needles!