Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Timey Wimey Socks!

I finally finished that sock pattern I told you about, and just in the time for the Yarn Crawl!


This design was inspired by one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who, "Blink." When trying to explain time as a non-linear phenomenon, he sums it up as “timey-wimey wibbley-wobbley stuff.” The design featured series of neat lines moving up the foot and weaving into a “tangled mess” at the top of the sock, as a nod to the Doctor's non-linear time travel.


The pattern features three sizes, and the length is easily adjustable. The toes and heel are constructed using short rows, so no grafting! Grab a copy of the pattern here. Until midnight tonight, enjoy $1 off with coupon code "precrawl2014". Then come join me at the North Shore Yarn Crawl starting Thursday!

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