Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pattern Progress

I've made some progress on the shawl from last week, but I confess I got distracted. There's another pattern I've been wanting to write: some basic, cozy toe-up socks with one special modification. When I started knitting socks for my husband, he complained he didn't like the feel of the stitches on the bottom of his feet.

Wintersmith Progress

The solution? Turn half of the sock inside out by putting the smooth stockinette side on the inside of the sole. This idea came from a discussion with some of my favorite local knitters. The pattern will be available in three sizes (based on foot circumference) and the length is easily adjusted. My lovely test knitters are in the process of working through the pattern, and Nate will get some new monochrome socks. This yarn is Crazy Zauberball in #2100. The yarn is a bit rougher than what I usually go for, but I loved the gradient. Here's hoping I can finally get him hooked on hand-knit socks!

Shae Progress

And now back to the designing this shawl, which will hopefully be done in a couple of weeks.

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