Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Squam 2014 Recap

Two and a half weeks is enough time to be in denial about having come back from Squam, so it's back to reality. I've been spending a lot of time dyeing yarn, knitting, drawing, and painting, but I've also been admittedly a bit asocial. So I am renewing my blogging efforts and putting down these Squam memories on "paper."

As I looked through my pictures from this Squam Art Workshops retreat, I realized I only took a small fraction of what I had taken at previous retreats. I had found myself very preoccupied with documenting, remembering, cataloging. This time I allowed myself to be present, have fun, and not worry about keeping a record.


Every experience I've had at Squam has been fantastic, but this one so far was my favorite. The location was beautiful as always, the food was great, the classes were fantastic, but the women I met were the best part. I was in a cabin of 12, which made my introverted heart skip a beat at first, but I loved it. I roomed with Kelley who I had met at the Spring 2013 retreat, two lovely ladies from Florida, and a group of women who have been meeting at Squam and staying together for the last 5 years. We stayed up late every night, shared ridiculous (and sometimes inappropriate) stories, sat on the dock, and had a blast. This was also my first time jumping into the lake (it was really cold). It is truly amazing to me how much I have come to value and care for these women in such a short amount of time.

But enough with the mushy stuff! I did also take two fantastic classes. My first class was Estonian Cuffs, taught by the amazing Nancy Bush. I had come across her books before, but meeting her was a whole other experience. She is incredibly sweet, knowledgeable, and passionate. Nancy has truly invested her life in studying Estonian culture and knitting, and has been a formidable force in helping Estonia value their own craft with the opening of a new cultural center.


Nancy's class was fantastic. She gave us folders full of information, taught us new (and sometimes mind-boggling) cast ons, and some traditional Estonian stitches. If you ever have a chance to take one of her classes, please do so! Nancy is a bit camera-shy, but was sweet enough to let me take some pictures of her and her work.


My second class was Striped Surprise with Franklin Habit. He focused on two techniques which are based on two rows of striping: Mosaic Knitting and Shadow Knitting. I admit I didn't know what to expect and signed up because I wanted to meet Franklin. I was pleasantly surprised!


I learned some great concepts behind designing using both mosaic and shadow techniques, and Franklin got me to appreciate these techniques in a way that I really didn't beforehand. He is very knowledgeable, super sweet, and a great teacher. He will be in Boston through the Common Cod Fiber Guild in July, go see him!


Nancy and Franklin, it was such a privilege to meet both of you and I hope I am lucky enough to cross paths with you again!

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  1. i love the mushy stuff ;) and that you jumped in the lake! and especially that we got to cross paths. always such serendipity to travel to another state to meet someone practically next door!