Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pattern Review: Freesia Shawl


Pattern: Freesia by JumperCablesKnitting
Yarn: Toil & Trouble Single Sock in Wine Harvest

Just under three weeks and my shawl is done! Ok, 99% done. The knitting is done, the yarn ends are hidden, and soon as my Boardwalk is done blocking, this shawl will be getting a good soak and block. This pattern is knit on the bias, so you can make it as big as your yardage permits. The increases happen almost every row so you end up with a deep point, which I prefer. This shawl will definitely need to be blocked to get the eyelet detail to show better and even out the warping.

I love using this single-ply sock weight yarn because it knits into a very soft and fluffy fabric, which makes for very cozy neckwear. I can't wait to wear it in the fall! Are you making one too as part of the Freesia KAL? Show us your progress in the forum thread!



Up next? My Whispers KAL starts this Friday. I've got my gauge swatch going so right on track so far! If you want to join, you can find more info in my Ravelry group.

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