Monday, October 13, 2014

New Shawl for Fall

The Malabrigo yarn I picked up during the Greater Boston Yarn Crawl had been tugging at my mind, so I decided it was time for a new shawl design. I wanted something simple with a subtle but graphic aesthetic. It took a little experimentation, but so far so good. I'll be excited to wear this to Rhinebeck this weekend. I won't have a Rhinebeck Sweater, so a Rhinebeck Shawl will have to do. The pattern will be published on Ravelry before the end of the month.


I started sketching this shawl while we were in NYC, which is fitting because I met shawl extraordinaire Holly Chayes while I was there. We had known each other online for a couple of years, so it was great to finally meet in person. Holly is a firm believer in sharing knowledge, and she wrote The Shawl Geometry Books, a great compendium of all the basic shawl shapes and how to knit them. If you've ever wanted to try your hand at design, her books are a fantastic resource. She covers everything from basic to complex shawl shapes, and a whole lot of mathematical concepts for people who want to really want to get into it.

Now back to knitting, I'm on a Rhinebeck deadline! This shawl definitely needs blocking, which seriously cuts into my knitting time. If you're going to Rhinebeck and would like to meet, leave me a note!